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US stock market: Nasdaq underperforms on worries about tech earnings ahead

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May 8, 2023


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US Stock Market News

The NASDAQ closed lower in April last week, trailing the Dow and the S&P 500, as investors awaited reports from organisations like Microsoft, while Tesla shares sank on concerns about its spending plans. Tesla Inc fell 1.5% after raising its capital expenditure plan for 2023 to ramp up output, making it the second biggest drag on the US stock markets after Microsoft Corp.

US Tech Stocks Stumble

Microsoft shares, which have gained more than 17% this year, were under pressure as investors appeared concerned about the company's results. Amazon Inc, Meta Platforms Inc., and Alphabet Inc. are another heavyweight lagging set to report this week. A rally in these equities has boosted Wall Street this year, but investors are concerned that the gains will be sustained given the bleak economic outlook. People are concerned that the outperformance may not continue in earnings season, which has thus far been much better than expected.

The Philadelphia semiconductor index closed down 0.5% and was likely underperforming owing to rising global tensions with China. US stocks have mainly held steady at the start of earnings season, thanks to better-than-expected reports from key banks, easing fears of a spillover from the regional financial crisis in March. US Treasury yields fell in response to recent slowing inflation and economic growth signals. Still, investors grew increasingly concerned about a government budget standoff and the possibility that the US will reach its debt ceiling sooner than planned.

A Technological Giant

NASDAQ has attracted some of the world's largest blue-chip corporations. It primarily represents high-tech computer, software and internet companies. However, it also represents a variety of other industries. Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Meta (previously Facebook) are among the equities traded. The NASDAQ draws major corporations and growth-oriented businesses, and its securities are recognised to be more volatile than those traded on other exchanges.

It trades listed securities and many over-the-counter (OTC) stocks and is the world's second-largest Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. NASDAQ's history demonstrates a track record of groundbreaking successes. NASDAQ has a long history of firsts. It was the first to go electronic and develop a website, sell its technology to other exchanges, and leverage cloud-based services.

The Internal Mechanisms

NASDAQ was built to work with automated quoting. It has been open to over-the-counter (OTC) trading from its inception and has become well-known for it. Trade magazines and the media frequently referred to it as an OTC market. It also introduced automated trading systems and was the first exchange to allow online trading.

NASDAQ is likewise a dealer's market, with all trades handled directly rather than through auctions. US stock market makers supply liquidity and depth to Nasdaq, benefiting from the bid-ask spread discrepancy.

Wrapping Up

NASDAQ has created a name for itself through all-electronic trading, which is considered favourable to traders. It also has a significant impact on the global and domestic economies. Understanding the stock's performance, reading news stories, and so on can assist investors in making informed investment decisions. However, before making any investment decisions, investors should conduct their research and analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NASDAQ 100 mostly tech?

The NASDAQ exchange trades equities in various industries, including consumer durables and nondurables, capital goods, finance, energy, public utilities, healthcare, transportation and technology. However, it is best recognised for its high-tech stocks.

2. Is NASDAQ just for tech companies?

The NASDAQ Composite Index is made up of around 3,000 stocks. While it includes companies from all industries, it is heavily focused on technology.


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US stock market: Nasdaq underperforms on worries about tech earnings ahead


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