Automate and forget
You know how you keep pushing your saving and investing plans to the next month? FIT rules can help you with that procrastination.
How does it work?
FIT Rules allow you to automatically move money from your savings account to mutual funds or jars. Just set up a rule once and watch your money grow.
Invest the change!arrow icon
Set a rule to round up your transaction amount to the nearest 10s, 50s, or 100s and invest your spare change in gold, equity or debt mutual funds.
SIP 2.0arrow icon
Save as you shoparrow icon
Set a FIT rule to set aside a certain amount every time you shop.
Hit your savings out of the parkarrow icon
Every day good habitsarrow icon
Set and forgetarrow icon
Set a rule to ‘Pay rent to Sunil on the 1st of every month’ or ‘Pay Amma ₹10,000 every 2 months’
One rule is all it takesarrow icon
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Fi partners with the best to secure your money
ISO 27001:2013
Our partner bank hosts your Savings Account and follows all security standards per applicable regulations.

Your money is always safe with our banking partner - Federal Bank, is covered under the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Scheme. This insures your money up to ₹5 lakh.

Fi itself is not a bank and doesn’t hold or claim to have a banking license.
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Fi is a money management platform that re-imagines the banking experience in India. The Federal Bank Account offered through our App, is a digital bank account that gives you the fastest way to open a bank account online.

You can do everything from the Fi App, including p2p payments, fund transfers, bill payments, and more, with features to automate every action. You also get a Debit Card, spends insights and tools to grow your investment and earn rewards.

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