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Fi Federal Account Fees

Fi has reimagined conventional banking’s infrastructure for the digital-first generation. Since we have no physical branches, Fi can reduce banking charges drastically or waive off specific fees entirely. No hidden fees! For all the details on what’s free and what isn’t, here’s a breakdown of our fees 🔎

Things That Matter 🌟

Who is eligible?
We’re currently open only to Working Professionals who reside in India.
Is there a minimum balance?
No minimum balance fees here!
But if you want to experience what Fi has to truly offer:
Consider transacting/saving/depositing atleast ₹20,000 every month 🤝
What interest do I earn on my savings account balances?
3% is the interest rate for Fi-Federal Savings Accounts.
Heads up! All banks change these rates (once in a while) based on market conditions, etc.

So, for a complete breakdown, head here.
What about interest rates on Fixed Deposits and Smart Deposits?
Our uber-cool deposit rate slider has the answer!
Fire up the Fi app & check it out.

If you want a detailed overview, go here.
Account Maintenance
0️ fees. Nothing. Nada.
Psst...ever wondered why traditional banks charge you for this?
Visa Platinum Debit Card
On opening a Fi-Federal Savings Account, each user will receive a free VISA Platinum Debit Card. No issuance fees. Zero annual card maintenance charges ✅
Zero Forex on Debit Cards
Paying by debit card abroad? International transactions? Don’t sweat it.
We’ve waived off international transaction charges 🌎
ATM Transactions
Love the feeling of having cash in your wallet? We hear you. Use your Fi Visa Debit Card at any ATM in India.

Withdrawals from any Federal Bank ATM are free.
At other ATMs = 5 free transactions every month. After that, it’s ₹21 per transaction.
For any non-financial transactions at these ATMs (like a Balance Enquiry), it’s ₹11 per transaction 👀
International ATM charges
You can use your Fi-Federal co-branded Debit Card wherever VISA is accepted 💳
When you withdraw cash from an International ATM, we levy a fee of ₹100. For any non-financial transactions at these ATMs (like getting a Mini Statement), there’s a nominal ₹25 charge.
Card Replacements
Misplaced your Debit Card? Don’t worry.
You can easily get a replacement card for ₹250.
Fuel surcharge
For POS transactions at Petrol Pumps, expect a surcharge.
It’s 2.5% of the transaction amount or ₹10, whichever is higher.

All Things Digital 💻

Payments - NEFT, RTGS Online
Fee-free transactions!
We’re digital – of course, we love online transfers⚡️
SMS /Email updates/ Mobile Banking/ Internet Banking
Stay updated, free of charge.
Get instant notifications the second you pay or get paid.
Digital Debit Card
Ordered a Fi Visa Debit Card?
Get a free, ready-to-use virtual card. Immediately 💳
Payments - UPI / IMPS
Money management made smarter, not harder.
Swift money transfers: Hassle-free; zero transaction charges.
Digital Account Statements
A free snapshot of the cash in your account! Whenever you want one.

Paper & Branch Based: We hope these are few and far between 📝

Since you’re on Fi, there’s very little need for chequebooks. But in case you really want it, here are two things to keep in mind:

- Only full-KYC users can send us a chequebook request.
- For ₹100, we’ll deliver a chequebook with 10 cheque leaves.
Demand Draft
Chances that you’ll require a Demand Draft (DD) are slim to none. However, if you need one, just holler!

DDs for upto ₹1 lakh per quarter are fee-free 🗞
For all DD-related fees, go to page 8 of this document.
Stop Cheque Payment charges
Want to stop a cheque from getting processed? Let our Customer Care Centre know, and we can make it happen.

The charges for that are ₹100 per cheque.
Or ₹500 for a series of three cheques or more.
Physical Signed Account Statement Delivery
Working on your visa or loan application? You might need a signed banking statement.

There is a fee of ₹100 + GST per page. The charges are capped at ₹500 + GST. This means, even if your statement is more than 5 pages, you will only be charged ₹500 + GST.
Balance Certificate
Need to produce a ’Proof of Funds’ document?
We can send you an official Balance Certificate 📜

In fact, we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.
All this for just ₹100!
Interest Certificate
This certificate verifies how much interest you earned.
Centred specifically on your savings account & Fixed/Smart deposits.

If you need one, we’ll send one for free on a yearly basis. Need more, we charge you ₹100 per interest certificate.
Other Bank ATMs Transactions decline charges (due to insufficient funds in account)
You can check your balance (for free) anytime on the Fi app!
So, there’s only a ghost of a chance that this scenario may happen👻

Either way, there’s a ₹25 per cash decline at other bank ATMs. So ensure you have sufficient funds before trying to withdraw.
Outward return charges
If the cheque bounces -
* First time: ₹125;
* Second time: ₹250;
* Three or more times: ₹500.

Note: Every financial quarter (3 months), the fee cycle is reset.
Inward return charges
Fi users have the option of submitting cheques as well. In an unlikely scenario, if a cheque gets returned there’s a fee.

It’s called an Inward Return Charge, and it’s ₹150.
Collection of cheques (outstation)/Inward LCC
Our banking partner is willing to collect cheques from users.
There’s a fee involved for processing these cheques.

It starts from ₹15 onwards. Read more on page 5 of this document.
National Automated Clearing House (NACH) & Electronic Clearing Service (ECS).

They help complete high-volume, interbank online transfers that are fixed and periodic! Think regular EMIs, loan repayments, and so on. Turn to page 6 of this document for the fees.
The charges mentioned above are specifically for Fi users. To view any other fees, please head to our banking partner’s fee document.
Note: The govt requires Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all these charges. So, expect to see an 18% GST additional charge on these fees.
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Fi is a money management platform that re-imagines the banking experience in India. The Fi-Federal Savings Account, is a digital bank account that gives you the fastest way to open a bank account online.

You can do everything from the Fi App, including p2p payments, fund transfers, bill payments, and more, with features to automate every action. You also get a Fi-Federal co-branded Debit Card, spends insights and tools to grow your investment and earn rewards.

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