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How To Write An Impactful Salary Increment Letter (Examples)

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How To Write An Impactful Salary Increment Letter (Examples)

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A salary increment letter is a formal request you make to your employer, asking them for a pay hike. If you are working as an employee, learning how to write a salary increment letter is essential. It will help you earn the pay hike you deserve promptly. 

How to Write an Impactful Salary Increment Letter?

Merely knowing how to write a salary increment letter is not enough. Your letter needs to be persuasive and impactful without being pushy and overly aggressive. Here are some tips that can help you pick this essential skill.

Include Right Addresses & Date

Make sure you include the from address and the to address at the opening of your letter. You also need to add the date you are writing the letter. This way, it is easier to track the timeline of the communication. It is also a formal requirement for salary increment letters, so following these requirements lends more credibility to your request. So, ensure that you start your letter in the right manner.

Add Subject Line

Your salary increment letter must have a crisp subject line that tells the reader exactly the core of the letter. In this case, the theme or the subject will typically revolve around requesting a pay hike. You can look at sample salary increment letter formats online to see how you can word your subject line differently. It is best to keep the subject short, clear and to the point. 

A Clear Opening

Once you have added a subject, you need to focus on the opening lines of your salary increment letter. Again, it is advisable to keep the opening crisp, simple, and direct rather than writing long-winding sentences that could make the reader lose focus. This is important because your manager, dean, or superior may be extremely busy. So, having a clear opening helps them skim through the letter more effectively. 

Justify Your Request for a Pay Hike

You need to justify your request for a salary increment with solid facts and proof of performance. Mention the highlights of your most recent achievements so your manager or superior sees why the hike is well-deserved. Ensure that you keep this section brief and concise, so your letter is effective overall.

Suggest Approximate Hike for Clarity 

It is always a good idea to include a point about how much of an increment you expect. This will help start the discussion in a concrete manner. Having a number in mind always makes this more effective too. Vaguely asking for a raise may not be an effective strategy. Your senior/superior may read the letter and set it aside, hoping to come back to it later and figure out an appropriate hike. This will only set your pay hike back by a few days or weeks. 

Examples of Salary Increment Letters

Example 1: Salary increment letter for a corporate employee


John Adams,

Project Manager, ABC Private Limited

October 31, 2022


Henry James

HR Manager, ABC Private Limited

Subject: Request for an increase in salary

Dear Henry,

This letter is a request to you to review my salary at the earliest as per your convenience. 

I have been working as a Project Manager at ABC Pvt. Ltd. for over a year, since July 2021. During this time, I have spearheaded three projects, which have all delivered an ROI of 12% and above. I have also mentored a team of 20+ people and have never missed or postponed any deadlines for our clients. 

I believe my commitment and contribution to the company justify an increase in my salary, so it can be on par with industry standards. I would be obliged if you could approve a raise of at least 15%, so my income can be on par with the average pay for my position.

Please let me know if you want to discuss this further. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

John Adams

Project Manager


Example 2: Salary increment letter for a professor


Sujan Bose,

Professor of Chemistry, ABC College

October 31, 2022


The Dean of ABC College


Subject: Request for a raise in salary

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter as a formal request for an increase in my salary.

I have been working at the college as the head of the Chemistry department for over 5 years now. During this period, I have taught five batches of students and have increased the average grades of the students in the subject of Chemistry by approximately 25%. I have also ensured that over 95% of the students in each batch have aced the exams. For the remaining 5%, I have been taking additional classes to improve their performance.

In view of these efforts, I would like to request a salary hike of at least 10%. My last pay raise was w.e.f. October 2020, over two years ago. 

Kindly consider my request and review my current salary. I would like to let you know that I am available for any further discussions regarding this. 

Yours sincerely,

Sujan Bose



If you’re due a pay hike soon, practice writing a salary increment letter well in advance. Do your research and get the right salary increment letter format for employees in your industry. Reread your letter and proofread it before sending it across to your employer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to write a request letter for a salary increment?

You can write a salary increment request letter by looking at some samples online. The salary increment letter format is fairly simple, and you can rely on any sample to write your own request letter at work.  

2. How can I ask for a salary increment?

You can ask for a salary increment by writing a salary increment letter to your employer or manager. Alternatively, you can even send your request via email. 

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