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How to Calculate the Basic Salary Percentage in your CTC?

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January 31, 2023


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Salaried individuals must understand various aspects of their pay, one being the percentage of basic salary in their CTC. Basic salary is the set percentage of CTC, which is the total compensation the company invests in an employee annually. Before discussing the math, let's define basic salary.

What is Basic Salary?

Also known as the base salary, the basic salary is the initial amount of compensation that an employer agrees to pay an employee at the beginning of their employment, before any taxes and other deductions are applied. It is the minimum guaranteed amount that an employee earns from their employer every month.

Typically, additions such as allowances and deductions like taxes and PF payments are applied to the basic pay, leading to the calculation of the overall gross or net salary each month.

What is CTC?

CTC, or Cost to Company, is the total salary package offered to an employee, including fixed and variable components. Basic salary is one of the fixed components and is always included in the CTC. To calculate CTC, add up all fixed and variable salary components, benefits, allowances, and other perks that come with the job.

Calculating the Basic Salary Percentage in CTC

If you know your CTC as well as the basic salary, you can easily compute the percentage of the basic salary in your CTC using the formula shown below.

Percentage of basic salary in CTC = (Basic salary ÷ Total CTC) x 100

For instance, let’s say your annual CTC is ₹10 lakhs and your basic salary is ₹4 lakhs. In that case, the percentage of basic salary in your CTC would be computed as shown below.

Percentage of basic salary in CTC:

= (Basic salary ÷ Total CTC) x 100

= (₹4 lakhs ÷ ₹10 lakhs) x 100

= 40%

Calculating the Basic salary as a Percentage of CTC

If you do not know your basic pay, but you’re aware of the CTC and the percentage of the basic pay in your CTC, you can work back to compute your basic salary easily. Here is how you can get the value of your base salary using its percentage.

Basic salary = Total CTC x Percentage of basic salary in CTC

Let’s again take up an example to see how this works. Let's say your annual CTC is ₹10 lakhs and your basic salary is calculated at 50%. In that case, the basic salary will be computed as shown below.

Basic salary:

= Total CTC x Percentage of basic salary in CTC

= ₹10 lakhs x 50%

= ₹5 lakhs

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  • Your CTC includes many components such as Base Salary, HRA, Medical Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, etc.
  • Basic salary is usually 40% to 60% of your total salary.
  • It's the amount an employee receives before any addition or tax deduction.
  • You can calculate the percentage of your base salary using this formula: (Basic salary ÷ Total CTC) x 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the basic salary be less than 40% of CTC?

Normally, the basic salary in the CTC is between 40% to 60%. But for some jobs, the basic salary may be lower, and the company may use commissions or result-based earnings as compensation.

2. How is the basic salary calculated from CTC in India?

To calculate your basic salary in India, determine the percentage of the CTC allocated to basic pay by your company. If your basic pay is set at 40% of a ₹10 lakh CTC, your basic pay will be ₹4 lakhs per year.

3. How is CTC calculated per month?

To calculate CTC per month, divide the annual CTC by 12 (no. of months).

4. How is CTC calculated from net take home salary?

To calculate CTC from net take home, you would need to add up all the deductions made from your net salary, such as taxes, insurance, and contributions to retirement or savings plans, and then add them back to your salary to arrive at your CTC.

5. What is my CTC if my salary is 30000?

Without knowledge of the other CTC components, the CTC cannot be determined with just a 30,000 salary. Salary components include basic salary, HRA, medical allowance, entertainment allowance, and other benefits provided by the employer.


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How to Calculate the Basic Salary Percentage in your CTC?


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