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Five Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money on in 2023

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March 28, 2023


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It’s the new year, and you want to stop wasting your money. At the same time, you're confused about where to start. So, how about we cut down on 5 things you shouldn't spend your money on in 2023:

1. Not Planning for your Groceries

Remember those visits with your parents to the local market to buy the weekly groceries?

Compare it to how different it is now.

India is pretty much the land of delivery apps at the moment everything gets delivered almost instantly. But that convenience of no grocery planning comes at a cost - add on those delivery fees, markups and sure enough, we’re paying more than we should for your groceries. And because instant delivery has a minimum spend amount, you're often buying more than you actually need.

This doesn't mean you're not allowed to buy your groceries online. As long as you plan your meals ahead, and account for the ingredients needed, you'll come to realize that you don't need to spend so much on grocery deliveries.

2. Buying into Trends

It’s cliche to say that trends come and go but the thing is, so does your phone every year.

If you live in an urban city, there’s a high probability you are someone or know someone who constantly upgrades their phones, laptops, clothes, cars, shoes, home decor and whatnot. Someone who keeps up with what’s ‘new and trendy’ and throws out the ‘old’.

But is the ‘old’ really that obsolete?

With how much companies spend on marketing and how much people post on social media, it’s more understandable than ever why people buy into fads. But you’re reading this post for a reason and so, the next time you want to replace something you own, figure out if it really needs replacing.

3. Unnecessary Subscriptions

Once a month, you might be receiving the following automated message from your bank:

Dear Customer, we have successfully processed the payment of Rs. XXX for Y Service, as per Standing Instruction for your Bank Debit Card.”

You’re now looking at this very familiar paragraph and realizing that you might be receiving it more than a couple of times a month.

Streaming services, entertainment, reading, food & other subscriptions have become a part of our daily lives. But do you really need to pay for four streaming services when you really only use one?

It’s time to have a closer look at your subscriptions and figure out which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

4. Discounts

You heard it, folks - discounts make you waste more money. Think back to all the times you received a notification on your phone regarding a discount for an item and then in five minutes, the checkout button is clicked. Or ooh, your favourite brand is offering 40% off and so, you start looking through all the listings on their site, hoping there’s something you like because you need to have the discount?

But did you even want the item in the first place? Or did you spend all that money solely because it was on a discount?

You’re not alone in this. That’s the thing about discounts. It’s a marketing tool used to get people to buy more. Like, think about it - why else would a company reduce their prices unless it’s for their benefit?

So the next time you get your hands on a discounted coupon, think if you would buy it if it wasn't on discount.

5. Delivery Apps

Need we say more? Think back to the last week and we mean it - scrunch up those eyebrows and really think - how many times did you order food in the last week?

It’s practically an unconscious habit at this point. You think, ‘I’m hungry’ and then your fingers automatically load one of five delivery apps you have on your phone. Not even one foot is taken outside the door.

Buddy, you might argue it isn’t much but how many times did you order in one meal that could’ve easily covered the cost of two days worth of groceries? It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever order food but sometimes, the 40 minutes of waiting for the delivery guy can be substituted with a 20-minute cooking session. Cooking is a skill which can be better for both your wallet and your health. So why not hit two new year goals at the same time?


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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Five Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money on in 2023


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