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Why You Should Store Your PAN Card in DigiLocker: The Advantages

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April 13, 2023


What’s Inside

Digilocker is a pioneering online service provided by the Indian Ministry of electronics and information technology as part of the country's digital India initiative. The service enables Indian citizens to store and access their official government documents and certificates in digital format, making it a highly convenient and secure platform for document management.

With Digilocker, one can easily upload, download, and share documents such as driving licenses, Aadhaar cards, academic certificates, and more. The platform is accessible through a web interface as well as a mobile app, making it highly accessible and user-friendly.

Your PAN card is necessary to open a bank account and receive a salary. So, you must store it safely. While physical storage is the most common method, it carries the risk of getting lost. Moreover, you might not always have access to the card, especially in emergencies.

DigiLocker services can store a digital version of the original PAN card for easy access. Moreover, it is an entirely safe storage option.

Let's explore more about this.

Convenient Access

The most significant advantage of DigiLocker PAN card services is hassle-free access. The platform uses cloud storage so that you can access your PAN card anywhere and anytime.

So, you don't need to always keep your documents with you. By just visiting the online DigiLocker portal, you can view or download your PAN card.

Safe File Storage

Along with convenience, DigiLocker also offers maximum safety. Being a government–facilitated platform, it follows strict security guidelines. The built-in cloud storage has a 256-bit SSL encryption and is hosted under ISO 27001 standards.

The sign-up process for the software is also done via an OTP sent to your registered phone number.

User-friendly Interface

The software has a highly user-friendly design to suit all types of users. You can easily navigate the various features and functionalities to store your documents. The process of uploading, accessing, downloading and sharing your PAN card is a breeze on DigiLocker.

As everything is paperless, you can quickly authenticate, save, and share your PAN card.

Quick Issuance of PAN Card

Offline application for a PAN card and receiving it can take up to 2 weeks. However, through DigiLocker services, you can speed up the process. After applying for the PAN card online, the Income Tax Department will begin the issuance process. Then, you'll need to e-sign the required documents through DigiLocker using the Aadhaar KYC facility.

After you have completed all the formalities online, the IT department will issue the PAN card. They will send the official document to your account on the DigiLocker portal. This way, any government agency can send and request access to your official documents.

Free to Use

Using the DigiLocker is free without any associated charges. So, there are no administrative expenses to store your PAN card on the platform. It can be a boon for students, professionals and organisations storing sensitive documents. You get a space of 1 GB to upload your documents, which is usually sufficient for many users.

Summing Up

Accessing your PAN card will be convenient via the DigiLocker during online transactions. If you wish to perform net–banking, a PAN card will be essential for your account/profile authentication. So, remember your DigiLocker password and never share it with anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is It Important To Keep Your PAN Card Safe?

You must store your PAN card safely as it's used for authentication, identity proof, financial transactions and official formalities.

2. How Does Storing A PAN Card In DigiLocker Benefit You?

Storing the PAN card in the DigiLocker will enable you to access, view and share it from anywhere online.

3. Can A Digital Copy Of A PAN Card Be Used As A Valid ID Proof?

Yes, you can use a digital copy of your PAN card as ID proof.

4. Can You Access Your PAN Card From DigiLocker Offline?

No, you cannot access your PAN card from your DigiLocker account offline.


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Why You Should Store Your PAN Card in DigiLocker: The Advantages


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