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What is the Association of Mutual Funds in India?

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May 24, 2023


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Mutual Funds have become an increasingly popular choice for investors seeking to grow their wealth, achieve financial goals and secure their future. However, as an investor, you may be curious to understand various terms associated with Mutual Funds; one such term is AMFI India. So let's know more about it and how it helps regulate the investment market.

What is the Association of Mutual Funds in India?

The Association of Mutual Funds in India is the industry body of mutual funds in India, established in 1995 to develop, promote and regulate the mutual fund industry in the country. In this blog, we will focus on aspects of AMFI.

The Association of Mutual Funds is a dedicated regulating authority that looks after the working of mutual funds in the country. The SEBI governs the activities of AMFI and monitors the fund houses in the country. AMFI also contributes to spreading awareness about the mutual fund industry and protecting investors' rights. The association also acts as a complaint cell for investors if they face illegal activities.

Objectives of AMFI

The Association of Mutual Funds in India has various objectives in the mutual fund industry, including: 

1. Promoting the interests of the Mutual Fund Industry

AMFI aims to boost the growth and development of mutual funds, allowing more people access to a more secure and stable investment.

2. Ensuring Investors' Protection

AMFI India plays a vital role in investors' protection and education. The association aims to enhance transparency and promote fair practices in the mutual fund industry.

3. Facilitating Industry Research and Analysis

AMFI undertakes research and analysis to gather insights on market trends, investor behaviour and industry performance. The information can guide industry participants in making informed decisions and provide valuable insights for policymakers and regulators.

4. Collaborating with stakeholders

AMFI works closely with different stakeholders. Those include asset management companies, distributors, regulators and government bodies.

5. Advocating best practices of the industry

AMFI is essential in setting industry standards and promoting the best practices of mutual funds. In addition, it formulates and implements guidelines and codes of conduct that promote transparency, accountability and ethical behaviour among its members. 

Committees in the AMFI

AMFI has formed several committees to ensure the association fulfils its objectives. They are as follows: 

  1. AMFI Financial Literacy Committee
  2. AMFI Committee on Certified Distributors (ARN Committee) 
  3. AMFI ETF Committee 
  4. AMFI Committee on Operations, Compliance and Risk 
  5. AMFI Valuation Committee 
  6. AMFI Equity CIO Committee 


AMFI is pivotal in shaping the mutual fund industry and driving growth and has become a trusted authority in the Indian financial market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the critical focus of AMFI?

The key focus of AMFI is to promote the rise of the mutual fund industry within India while ensuring the protection of investors and advocating best practices for the industry.

2. What is the role of AMFI?

AMFI plays a vital role in shaping and regulating the mutual fund industry in India, promoting transparency, investor protection and best practices for the industry.


Investment and securities are subject to market risks. Please read all the related documents carefully before investing. The contents of this article are for informational purposes only, and not to be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell securities, mutual funds, or any other financial products.
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What is the Association of Mutual Funds in India?


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