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What are the Best Bike Insurance Plans in India

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October 27, 2022


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Just like car insurance, getting a bike insurance is a mandate as per the Indian Motor Tariff if you want to ride your bike on Indian roads legally. Failing to insure your bike holds a fine of ₹2000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months. Part of purchasing a bike also requires you to get the insurance done at the time of purchase. Here is all that you need to know about bike insurance and how to get the best bike insurance plans in India.  

What is Bike Insurance?

Bike insurance falls under two-wheeler insurance policy coverage. It is a contract between an insurance company and the bike owner in which the insurer guarantees to pay for any financial obligations that might result from a collision involving the insured's two-wheeler. It includes all types of motorcycles, scooters, electric bikes, and moped bikes.

As per the guidelines of the government of India under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1961, every vehicle must have third-party liability insurance. Broadly, there are three different ‌‌two-wheeler insurance plans:

Third-party Liability Insurance

To ride a bike in India, you must have a third-party bike insurance plan. Third-party can be a property or person. The third-party insurance covers you from any damages caused by accident to any other person or property. It also covers accidental liabilities and death.

Own-damage (OD) Insurance

Own-damage bike insurance policy gives protection for damages caused to your bike. It can be purchased only when you have the third-party liability cover. It covers any damages that the insured bike may have incurred because of an accident, theft, fire, natural disaster, or man-made calamity.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive bike insurance offers complete protection by fulfilling any financial obligations you might have to a third party or own damage, compensating you for costs associated with your bike's damage. It protects your bike against accidents, fire, theft, man-made disasters, natural disasters, self-ignition, explosions, and other events.

Get the Best Bike Insurance Plan in India

When planning to purchase bike insurance online, don't forget to compare several rates and consider the benefits the policy offers. Any bike insurance comes under the two-wheeler insurance plans available in Indian companies as listed below.

Name of the Company

Key Features

Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • 24*7 Claim support
  • Straight-forward claim procedure
  • Option to choose your plan for 1 year to 3 years
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 88.83%
  • 4000+ network garages across India

HDFC Ergo Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Three distinct models for three different demands
  • Long-term plans may offer coverage for up to 3 years.
  • For the comprehensive and third-party cover, long-term policies are offered
  • Zero depreciation add-on available
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 91.23%
  • 6800+ network garages across India

SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Profile-based plans with customised pricing
  • Attractive discounts on premium 
  • No claim bonus
  • Pillion riders can also be included in plans with maximum coverage of 15 lakhs (only in a personal accident)
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 89.51%
  • 16000+ network garages across India

Bharti AXA Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • All plans include personal accident insurance at affordable premiums
  • Long-term plans available (2-3 years)
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 87.99%
  • 5200+ network garages across India

Future Generali India Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Zero depreciation
  • No claim bonus
  • Coverage on the loss of belongings
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 88.69%
  • 2500+ network garages across India

ICICI Lombard Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Add-on covers
  • No claim bonus
  • Attractive discounts
  • No paperwork, you can buy, claim and renew online
  • 24*7 claim assistance
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)- 87.71%
  • 5600+ network garages across India

Tata AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Cashless network garages
  • No claim bonus
  • Zero depreciation
  • Road-side assistance
  • Motor Incurred Claim Ratio (2020-21)-90.00%
  • 5000+ network garages across India


How to Choose the Right Insurance Plan for your Bike?

While choosing the plan, you must first realise that you may not get all of your insurance needs with a single policy. Some can provide lesser premium rates, while others can provide garages with a larger network. Therefore, you must evaluate your needs before deciding. Here are some guidelines that could be useful:

Understand your Coverage Needs

It is crucial to examine your needs and financial situation before you look for insurance. Choose a coverage plan based on how your two-wheeler is used, your budget, and other obligations.

Know your Bike's Cubic Capacity

When picking insurance, be aware of your bike's cubic capacity because it plays a key role in determining the insurance rate. Your premium will be higher if your two-wheeler has a high cubic capacity.

Understand Insurance Declared Value (IDV)

The current market value of a vehicle is known as IDV. The maximum sum insured, or IDV, is the figure that will be paid in total when the two-wheeler is registered for a claim. It is determined at the time a policy is purchased. Depreciation rises with vehicle age, IDV falls, and as a result, the premium decreases year over year.

Inquire about Adding Riders to your Insurance Policy

To expand ‌your two-wheeler insurance policy's coverage, look for riders that you can include though you might have to pay extra. Common riders offered include:

  • Zero depreciation coverage
  • Key Replacement
  • Engine Protect
  • Return to Invoice

Rate of Claim Settlement

The CSR is the proportion of claims that an insurance provider can resolve as opposed to the claims made within a policy year. Always look for a reputable insurance provider that has high settlement ratios. Selecting a reputable insurer guarantees quick and easy claim settlement.

Customer Assistance

The level of service also makes a huge distinction. Therefore, you should also evaluate how the business responds to your questions and helps you.

Get the Benefit of Cashless Repairs

The cost of repairs can be covered with the aid of cashless network garages. The insurer and the garage settle the repairs without your intervention. You only end up paying very little from your share, making it simpler with little cash required.


You can increase your policy's coverage with add-ons. Before buying the policy, ensure the company you wish to invest in offers the necessary add-ons.

Summing it up

Today, in the modern era of digitalisation, you can easily review, compare, choose, and purchase bike insurance online. You can also get your bike insurance renewal done in just a few clicks. Before making a purchase, it’s important that you carefully review the policy documents, network garages, claim payment method, and after-sales support, among the many factors. For certain owners, a particular policy coverage may be helpful, but not for others. It’s imperative that you first evaluate your needs to choose a company that can meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put insurance on a bicycle?

While it is not mandatory to have insurance for a non-motorised vehicle, you can get your bicycle insured under a typical house insurance policy.

2. Which is the best bike insurance plan in India?

The kind of insurance you need would depend on the bike that you have and the usage. Therefore, there cannot be one best bike insurance plan. Chalk out your needs and then pick the one that best suits you.

3. How can you get a bike insurance renewal?

You can easily complete your bike insurance renewal online in a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Go to your insurance company's website, go to two-wheeler insurance and choose to renew the plan
  • Fill out the ‌form, choose whether to include or drop any add-on coverage and finish the process by paying the premium online
  • You will soon receive the soft copy of your renewed policy on your registered email address.

4. Which is the No.1 bike insurance company in India?

As of 2023, Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler insurance ranks as the best bike insurance company in India.

5. Which companies provide the best bike insurance plan in India?

Here are 5 good bike insurance companies -

a. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance

b. Royal Sundaram General Insurance

c. The Oriental Insurance Company

d. HDFC ERGO General Insurance

e. Universal Sompo General Insurance

6. Which bike insurance is mandatory in India?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have third-party insurance coverage.

7. Is third-party insurance enough for bike India?

No, third-party insurance is not enough for bikes in India. While it is mandatory to have third-party insurance as per the law, it only covers damages or injuries caused to third parties. To ensure coverage for damages to your own bike, it is recommended to have comprehensive insurance.


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What are the Best Bike Insurance Plans in India


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