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Form 16 vs Form 16A vs Form 16B: Differences & Meaning

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December 12, 2022


What’s Inside

Let's break it down: Form 16, Form 16A, and Form 16B. These three tax forms can be confusing, but we're here to clarify them for you.

In this blog, we'll explain each form, how they differ, and what they mean for you. Get ready for a simple and easy-to-understand guide to these tax forms!

What is Form 16?

Form 16 is your salary TDS certificate. It's a crucial document for taxpayers provided by your employer, as it helps you file your income tax return accurately.

Part A of Form 16

Part A of Form 16 is a certificate generated and issued by your employer. Part A of Form 16 is usually generated and issued through the TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) website. It includes the following details:

  • Name and address of the employer.
  • Name and address of the employee.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) of both the employer and the employee.
  • Unique TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) certificate number.
  • Period of employment, specifying the financial year.
  • Summary of the salary paid to the employee during the financial year.
  • Details of tax deducted by the employer and deposited with the government on behalf of the employee.

Part B of Form 16

Part B of Form 16 provides a detailed breakdown of salary components, exemptions, deductions, and tax computations. It includes:

  • Detailed breakup of salary components such as basic salary, allowances, bonuses, etc.
  • Any exemptions claimed by the employee under sections like HRA (House Rent Allowance), LTA (Leave Travel Allowance), etc.
  • Deductions allowed under various sections of the Income Tax Act, such as Section 80C (for investments like EPF, PPF, Life Insurance, etc.), Section 80D (for health insurance premiums), and more.
  • Computation of taxable income and the tax liability.
  • Details of any other income declared by the employee.
  • Rebate under Section 87A, if applicable.
  • The final tax payable or refundable amount.

What is Form 16A?

  • While Form 16 primarily pertains to salary income, Form 16A is related to income other than salary, particularly income earned by freelancers, contractors, professionals, and businesses.
  • Employers do not issue form 16A. Instead, it is typically issued by entities or individuals who have deducted tax at source (TDS) on payments made to professionals, contractors, or service providers. This includes companies, banks, or other entities that hire freelancers or service providers.

What is Form 16B?

Form 16B is a certificate issued in India related to the purchase of property, specifically related to the deduction of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on the sale of property.

Difference between Form 16 vs Form 16A vs Form 16B

Here is a handy table that will clarify the key differences between Form 16, 16A and 16B:


Form 16

Form 16A

Form 16B



Deductor (other than salary)

Buyer of Property


Salary income certificate

TDS certificate for non-salary

TDS certificate for property sale


Salary details, TDS on salary

TDS details for various payments

TDS details for property transaction

Who Receives


Recipients of various income types

Seller of property

TDS Coverage

TDS on salary income

TDS on income other than salary

TDS on property sale

Online Access

Generally provided by employer

Available online for deductees

Available online for property buyers

Applicable Sections

Section 192 (Salary TDS)

Various sections depending on type

Section 194IA (Property TDS)

Please note: Tax regulations may change over time, so it's essential to verify the latest requirements and forms with the Income Tax Department or a tax consultant to ensure compliance with current regulations.


While there are clear differences between Form 16, 16A, and 16B, together, they help the IT department to reconcile your collective earnings for the year and assess your tax liability. For taxpayers, it clarifies their tax liability and allows them to file for relevant tax refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Forms 16A and 16B?

Form 16A is a TDS document that certifies all your earnings from sources other than a fixed salary. There can be multiple Form 16A issued by different authorities such as banking or financial institutions, insurance companies, and even people who may have paid you for professional services.

Form 16B is also a TDS certificate but is applicable only in the case of income earned by selling a non-agricultural property that includes a building, apartment, shop or plot. Moreover, it is only issued when the income exceeds ₹50 lakh in the financial year.

2. How can I get Forms 16A and 16B?

The issuer shares form 16A at the end of each quarter of the financial year. It may also be shared on an annual basis. You can also download Form 16A through the website or mobile app of the issuing institution. Furthermore, it can be downloaded directly by visiting the Income Tax Department’s website and accessing the TRACES page. Under Form 26AS, all the pertinent TDS details will be available.

Form 16B is generated for each applicable property sale and issued by the property purchaser. The TDS is deposited by the purchaser to the IT department, and subsequently, the form can be downloaded via the TRACES site, similar to Form 16A.

3. Who is eligible for 16A?

The following individuals or entities are eligible for Form 16A:

  1. Recipients of income on which TDS is deducted, such as interest, commission, rent, or professional fees.
  2. Contractors or freelancers who receive payments subject to TDS deductions.
  3. Vendors and suppliers who provide specific services or goods as per tax regulations.
  4. Any other person or entity receiving income where TDS is applicable as per the income tax rules.

4. What is the minimum salary for form 16A?

Form 16A is not related to a minimum salary requirement. Instead, it is a certificate issued for TDS on income other than salary, such as interest, rent, or commission.

For Form 16, which is issued for TDS on salary income, employers have no specific minimum salary requirement to issue Form 16. Employers must provide Form 16 to their employees if TDS has been deducted from their salary during the financial year, regardless of the salary amount.


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Form 16 vs Form 16A vs Form 16B: Differences & Meaning


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