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Unlocking Financial Secrets: Can You Deposit Money in Your Salary Account?

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April 19, 2023


What’s Inside

A salary account is a type of bank account specifically designed to receive your monthly salary from your employer, company, or organisation and to help you easily manage finances. This account is a practical and convenient solution for employers and employees. It eliminates the need for physical payments and ensures the employee's salary is promptly deposited into their account.

This type of account is essential for managing your finances and ensuring that you receive your salary promptly and efficiently. However, many questions often surround a salary account, like whether a salary account gives interest, whether we can deposit money in a salary account, how to open one, etc. It is crucial to do due diligence with your organisation and banks to easily understand the process, benefits, and management of salary accounts.

Benefits of opening a salary account in India

In India, opening a salary account has several benefits, including:

  1. Easy and timely receipt of salary, which will be automatically credited to your salary account regularly.
  2. Salary accounts in India typically have low or no minimum balance requirements, so you can keep your account active even if your balance is low.
  3. Many salary accounts in India offer free or discounted transactions such as ATM withdrawals, online transfers, and chequebooks.
  4. Often, individuals wonder whether we get interest on salary accounts, and the answer is yes! Most banks in India offer interest on salary account deposits, which means you can earn more on your savings.
  5. Some banks offer special discounts and offer on various products and services to salary account holders.
  6. Having a salary account with a bank in India can make getting approved for a loan easier, as the bank will have a record of your regular income and expenses.


There are many ways of earning rewards and enjoying perks with a salary account. From offering a free card to offering free ATM withdrawals per month, and from zero minimum balance to zero charges on forex, you can avail of all this and more. Check out salary accounts offered by different banks and compare the fees, interest rates, and other features before choosing one to ensure you get the best deal. One of the industry's best salary accounts in 2023 is Fi.

Fi Money has collaborated with Federal Bank to provide a zero-balance savings account that can be easily opened online for free. This account has a VISA Platinum debit card with zero forex charges and no hidden fees. Additionally, you can use the online savings account to securely deposit your savings, earn extra interest, make instant payments, analyse expenses, manage your budget efficiently, and invest in Mutual Funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we deposit money in the salary account, and what are the rules and regulations associated with it?

Yes, you can deposit money in your salary account whenever possible. Banks allow this deposit, but, in some instances, you may have you disclose the source of your money being deposited, earned elsewhere, gift, etc. However, while doing so, you must remember that your account may attract a small monthly over-the-counter transaction fee if you cross the limit.

2. What is a salary account, and how is it different from regular savings or current accounts?

A salary account is one of the types of savings accounts that a bank offers to salaried individuals. The primary purpose of this account is for the employer to credit the employee’s salary, perks, bonus, etc., in this account. Any individual can open a savings account, whereas a salary account is opened in a bank at the request of the employee’s company or corporation.

3. Can I deposit money in my salary account from sources other than my employer, such as freelance income, rental income, or other sources of funds?

Yes, you can deposit additional money in your salary account; however, your company will consider your entire taxable income while deducting TDS. However, if you receive money as a gift from any of your close family members, then that amount won’t be taxed.

4. Are there any limits or restrictions on depositing money in a salary account, such as minimum or maximum deposit amounts?

There are no such limits or restrictions; however, if you exceed the number of over-the-counter transactions, like depositing cheques, withdrawing cash, depositing cash, etc., you may incur a small fee.


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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Unlocking Financial Secrets: Can You Deposit Money in Your Salary Account?


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