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Understanding the Next Steps If Your GSTIN/GST Registration Gets Suspended

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May 9, 2023


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The national GST legislation established a robust compliance network. GST regulations are frequently modified to simplify the GST system and ensure that the regulation is fair to everybody.

At the same time, the government is working to make GST taxes legislation more strict than ever before. Not being able to comply with the GST requirements may result in the suspension/cancellation of GST registration, which no one can afford since making any taxable supply after the suspension of GST registration is illegal. Don’t hesitate to talk to a tax expert for any GST-related queries.

Understanding GST Registration Suspension

An authorised official may only suspend registration if he believes the registration is about to be revoked. Before the GST is suspended, the officer may provide a warning or an opportunity to resolve the problem.

Discrepancies are communicated to the taxpayer using Form GST REG-31. The form also states that if the taxpayer does not offer a valid justification, GST may be revoked. Furthermore, if the officer believes the explanation is insufficient or unacceptable, he may still issue a suspension.

How Do You Reactivate Your Suspended GST Registration?

As a registered taxpayer, you have 30 days to seek reactivation of your GST registration under GST legislation. However, this can only be done if an accredited GST officer suspends the registration. A registration that has been voluntarily suspended cannot be revoked under any circumstances. There is no question that the suspension regulations provide some relief to taxpayers.

Although the government has simplified the process, it is nevertheless recommended that you talk to a tax expert online for free to revoke the cancelled GST registration. A tax talk with a certified CA or a GST professional will assist you in remaining compliant and obtaining possible remedies to deal with the suspension of GST registration without much difficulty.


If a person's GST registration is suspended, he/she may be unable to file a GST return and pay taxes. Failure to do so on time may result in registration cancellation and further penalties for noncompliance with GST requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I respond to a suspended GST number?

If you are an individual taxpayer and your GST registration has been cancelled, you should quickly contact an authorised officer and request that your GSTIN be activated.

2. How do I get my suspended GST registration?

During the suspension period, taxpayers can file returns and upload invoices only for the period preceding the suspension. Taxpayers will be unable to file fundamental amendment applications until registration is reinstated.


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Understanding the Next Steps If Your GSTIN/GST Registration Gets Suspended


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