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Sundaram Mutual Funds - Latest MF Schemes and Performance

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May 23, 2023


What’s Inside

Sundaram Mutual Fund is now India's most popular mutual fund, with over 3.5 million customers and over 80 branches. Having 25 years of expertise, this fund house has managed an asset of INR 54,000 crores. Sundaram MF offers its investors both online and offline services for better accessibility.

Latest Mutual Fund Schemes

Before investing, you should look closely at the mutual fund's details and performance over the last few years.

Sundaram Large Cap Fund

It is a less volatile mutual fund scheme that comes under the equity fund category. It is an open-ended scheme for large-cap stocks with an expense ratio of 0.55%. Investors can go for it if they want to invest in diversified sectors, including both stocks and sectors. The NAV of this fund scheme is INR 16.0978, and the average AUM is INR 2833.3 Crores.

Sundaram Mid Cap Fund

It is another popular and well-liked Sundaram mutual fund suitable for investors looking to invest in diversified stocks. The minimum investment of this mutual fund is INR 100. However, the fund has an expense ratio of 1.87% and offers great returns of ~23.25% on your investment. Though, the return varies depending on the market situation. The average AUM is INR 6993.5 Crores, and the NAV is INR 813.6059.

Sundaram Aggressive Hybrid Fund

It is a high-risk mutual fund that is primarily preferable to conservative investors who wish to invest in Equity Hybrid funds with lower volatility. It is slightly different from the 100% equity fund, which has an expense ratio of 2.01% as of Feb 2023. You can invest in this scheme with INR 100 and might as reasonably expect good returns. The average AUM of this fund is INR 2979.1 Crores, and the NAV is INR 128.4606.

Sundaram Equity Savings Fund

It is another mutual fund well-suited for investors with moderate risk appetite. Also, you can invest in this if you have a significant allocation in your portfolio and want to allocate a portion of your corpus to a different strategy for investing in the equity market. You can start your investment with a minimum of INR 100. The average AUM of this fund is INR 414.7 Crores, and the NAV is INR 59.7017 as of 12 May 2023.

Sundaram Ultra Short Duration Fund

It is an open-ended term debt mutual fund scheme for investing in debt instruments. The duration of the portfolio of this fund is between three months to six months. So, it is the ideal investment option for investors seeking income in a short period. It has low to moderate risk with an expense ratio of 1.42%. The Net Asset Value of this fund is INR 2501.3744, and the average AUM is INR 1433.2 Crores. You can start investing with a minimum of INR 1000.


Sundaram mutual fund comes with a smart investment plan for your goals. The fund's objective is to offer steady annual returns on investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to redeem Sundaram Mutual Fund?

The redemption process for Sundaram mutual fund is extremely easy. For offline investors, you can fill up and submit the redemption form to any of your nearest Sundaram Mutual branch offices. For online redemption, you can look at their online demo feature to find out the redemptions of your investments.

2. How to increase the SIP amount in Sundaram Mutual Fund?

If you have an ongoing SIP at Sundaram mutual fund and want to change the amount or deduction date, you must fill out a new application form. Then you will be registered for a new SIP account.


Investment and securities are subject to market risks. Please read all the related documents carefully before investing. The contents of this article are for informational purposes only, and not to be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell securities, mutual funds, or any other financial products.
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Sundaram Mutual Funds - Latest MF Schemes and Performance


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