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Simplify Your Certificate Storage: Discover the Convenience of Digilocker

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April 20, 2023


What’s Inside

DigiLocker certificate, as the name implies, is a digital locker repository. DigiLocker offers a platform for digitally storing important records such as PAN, Registration Certificate, Aadhaar, Mark Sheets such as Digilocker CBSE certificate, Driving Licence, and more. It is a cloud storage solution from which you can access government services and personal storage.

This Digital India initiative was established by the Government of India in 2015. This facility, provided by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY), provides 1 GB of storage to individuals who have linked their Aadhaar numbers. Furthermore, using the e-sign facility offered by this facility, you can digitally sign e-documents.

What Are The Advantages Of The DigiLocker Certificate?

One of the best features of the DigiLocker certificate is that the paperwork can be quickly accessed while remaining secure. Like at a routine Traffic Police stop, could you show your license & registration through DigiLocker? Short answer: Yes. This significantly simplifies the verification process because it requires little human interaction. Furthermore, any document can be issued straight to the issuing body without further scrutiny. Other advantages of having a DigiLocker account include:

Easily Accessible And Shareable Documents

You can access your documents with a DigiLocker certificate anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore, sharing documents is simple because they are stored on the cloud.

Digital Integration

DigiLocker's introduction has given people digital power. All important records can now be stored digitally. If your Aadhaar is linked, you can retain the documents online.

Safety and Security

The system also allows for secure access. For example, any institution can upload the standard form of the document to the authorised repository. Because there is little human interaction, corruption is reduced.

Reduces Paperwork

Assume you're applying for a job, and the firm needs to verify your credentials. All they have to do is log in to your DigiLocker account and access the appropriate documents. However, to access the repository, the company must first register.


Digitisation is changing the world and making our lives easier by simplifying things. In India, the DigiLocker app is widely used. It is free of risk, secure, and safe. You can use it to save essential and official documents on your phone, such as Digilocker birth certificates, educational certificates, Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, voter IDs and passports. You can also access digilocker.gov.in from a web browser.

DigiLocker is a step towards Digital India that will fundamentally alter how government services are delivering documents. As we go towards a paperless economy, you can securely store d open digital-only accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I store all types of certificates, such as professional certifications, academic certificates and other documents, in Digilocker?

DigiLocker can securely store essential records such as your driving licence, PAN card, Digilocker CBSE certificates, Aadhaar card, insurance paperwork, etc.

2. What is Digilocker, and how can it simplify the storage of my certificates?

DigiLocker contributes to Digital India's objective of providing citizens with a secure document access platform on the public cloud. DigiLocker is a platform for digitally issuing and verifying papers and certifications, eliminating the necessity of physical documents. It is aimed towards the concept of paperless governance.

3. What security measures are in place?

DigiLocker authenticates users and grants access to the platform through sign-in via Biometric authorisation paired with PIN validation or Mobile OTP (one-time password) and multi-factor authentication-based signup.

4. How secure is Digilocker for storing my sensitive certificate information?

DigiLocker provides maximum security as well as ease. As a government-facilitated site, it adheres to stringent security rules. The built-in cloud storage utilises 256-bit SSL encryption and is hosted following ISO 27001 requirements.

5. Can I share my certificates stored in Digilocker with employers, educational institutions, or other stakeholders when needed?

DigiLocker data is only shared with the citizen's explicit authorisation. All sharing and access activities are tracked and communicated to citizens. Organisations that require access to citizens' certificates must register with DigiLocker and have the citizen's explicit consent.


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Simplify Your Certificate Storage: Discover the Convenience of Digilocker


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