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NPS Balance: How to Check NPS Account Balance Online

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NPS Balance: How to Check NPS Account Balance Online

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No matter what generation you belong to, or how tech-savvy you are, it takes a little extra effort to make your way around certain parts of the internet. Think IRCTC. I have a diploma and a Google Certificate Course in booking train tickets… okay kidding. But you get it, some things aren’t as easy as we’d like them to be. Like knowing how to check your NPS balance online. This article is about to break it down for you.

A Brief Overview of the National Pension Scheme

The national pension scheme was first introduced to the public in January 2004 by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India (or PFRDA). Available to Indian citizens aged between 18 to 60 years, it is designed to encourage systematic savings. By directing a certain outlined amount of money at regular intervals, the NPS helps subscribers build a corpus they can enjoy once they retire. 

If you have subscribed to the NPS, understanding where the finances you have invested in the scheme is important. This corpus is dependent upon how much money you contribute to your account and the income generated from your investments. In this regard, you must be able to check NPS balance with ease. 

How to Check my NPS Account?

If you have subscribed to the NPS, you can open a Tier 1 and Tier 2 account by paying the minimum charges applicable and making your contributions. However, the next step necessary is checking your balance in these accounts online. 

You are assigned a permanent retirement allotment number (or PRAN) when you open an NPS account. Having this number in hand is a must if you wish to inquire about your NPS account balance. Always keep this number in hand prior to checking your accumulated funds.

This can be done via any one of the channels listed below.

Using the National Securities Depositories Limited (or NSDL) Portal

  • Visit the NSDL web portal.
  • Use your PRAN when asked to submit your user ID and account password to log into your account
  • Fill out the captcha that appears on your screen in order to proceed
  • You will need to look for and click on the ‘holding statement’ option that is listed below the ‘transaction statement’ section
  • You will be able to see information relating to your accumulated balance

If you hope to avail of an NPS balance statement highlighting details of your transactions and contributions, select the ‘transaction statement’ option available instead.

Downloading the NSDL E-Gov app

Another easy method via which it is possible to check your NPS balance status is on the NPS app. Once you download this app, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Fill out your PRAN along with your password to access your NPS account.
  • Once you’ve logged in, view the NPS holding amount as of the present date. You will be able to see Tier 2 as well as Tier 2 holding amounts in addition to transaction details.
  • You have the choice to have your transaction emailed to your registered email address by selecting the ‘email transaction statement’ option.

You’re entitled to manage the registered email address and mobile number linked to your account by making use of this app. 

Apart from seeing your account balance, it is possible to make withdrawals from Tier 2 accounts using this app.

  • Simply enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number and key out your withdrawal details.
  • Once you’ve received approval from a CRA, the amount will be credited to the necessary account.

Using the UMANG Smartphone app

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (or MeitY) along with the national e-Governance department, is responsible for creating the UMANG platform. This platform helps fulfil a number of NPS services. Simply follow the steps mentioned below in order to see your NPS balance here.

  • Download the UMANG smartphone app on your phone and look up NPS services
  • Press on the NPS option and select the relevant credit recordkeeping agency (or CRA)
  • Press the ‘current holding’ button that appears on the following page and fill out your PRAN and password
  • Select the ‘login’ button in order to check the details relating to your account balance 

Additionally, it is worth noting here that the UMANG app can be used to take advantage of a string of e-governance needs. 

Subscribing to the SMS Service

Another means via which it is possible to check your NPS balance is via SMS on your registered mobile number. This is the fastest and most straightforward method of understanding your holdings. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to learn more.

  • Send a missed call to 9212993399 via your registered mobile number
  • An SMS featuring account balance details will be sent to this number

In case you have any questions pertaining to your NPS account, you can call the customer care number, which is 022 2499 3499.

Wrapping Up

Checking the balance on your national pension scheme account has never been easier. Simply follow one of the aforementioned suggestions to gain insights into how your Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts stand. The national pension scheme is a great investment opportunity as it teaches you how to make strategic savings for your retirement. Visit the Fi website or download the app to learn more viable investment avenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I log into NPS? 

A1. Once you’ve created an NPS account and a PRAN has been allocated to you, you can log in to your E-NPS account via the NSDL web portal, by using the NSDL E-Gov app or on the UMANG smartphone app.

Q2. How do I check my NPS Tier 1 balance?

A2. Your NPS Tier 1 balance can be checked on any one of the following means. 

  • NSDL web portal
  • NSDL E-Gov app 
  • UMANG smartphone app
  • Placing a missed call on 9212993399 to receive an SMS with balance details
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