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Maximise Your Business Spending: Top Moneyback Credit Cards

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May 4, 2023


What’s Inside

Business expenses are a dime-a-dozen, often compelling you to make several purchases – flight tickets, hotel reservations, and more. Considering these are unavoidable, why not make the best of your business spending with a moneyback credit card?

While the name might give you a fleeting idea, what is a business moneyback credit card? Stay on board as we take a tour through moneyback credit cards and understand the ones that can provide the maximum benefits whenever you make a business expense.

The Idea Behind Moneyback Credit Cards

A business moneyback credit card grants reward points or instant cashback every time you make a purchase. Each purchase awards you an opportunity to regain a percentage of your spent amount.

This is lucrative for business spending since you can accumulate points or receive direct cashback, irrespective of the frequency or sum of your transactions. A business moneyback credit card is beneficial to reduce your overall expense, provided you pay the outstanding amount in time and avoid late payments or interest charges.

Top 5 Business Moneyback Credit Cards in India

Here are some of the top business moneyback credit cards in the Indian market, along with their features:

HDFC Business Money-back Credit Card

  • Receive up to 5% cashback or equivalent reward points every time you make a business purchase relating to hotels, cabs, railways services, government services and more!
  • 2,500 reward points are credited to your account if your annual spending exceeds ₹1.8 lakhs.
  • Accelerated reward points – 4 reward points for every ₹150 spent on business expenses.

SBI Prime Business Credit Card

  • You get 10 reward points every time you spend ₹100 on dining, utility bill payments or office supplies.
  • Flat 20% off hotel bookings (applicable to one booking every 3 months)
  • Complementary e-voucher from Yatra for Business if your annual spends are more than ₹5 lakhs

YES Prosperity Business Credit Card

  • If your yearly expenditure exceeds ₹6 lakhs, you will receive 10,000 reward points.
  • Low foreign currency markup fee capped at 2.5%
  • 4 reward points for every ₹200 spent on business transactions like utilities and restaurant bills.

Axis Bank MY Business Credit Card

  • Offers a business saving plan to provide discounts and cashback on flight tickets, hotel stays and more!
  • Maximum benefits of ₹400 per month for fuel surcharge
  • 20% cashback on flight ticket bookings

Final Thoughts

Owning a credit card can help you maximise savings while addressing all your financial needs. But the key is to find a card that caters to your needs. Fi, in partnership with the Federal Bank, offers a co-branded credit card. With this credit card, rewards are within your reach every time you make a purchase. Plus, the rewards scale according to your spending patterns. Imagine up to 5x accelerated rewards when you shop with India’s top brands! With a welcome offer comprising a voucher worth over ₹5,000 from leading brands and your standard lounge access, low forex fee, speed insights, etc., look no further than Fi!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can moneyback credit cards help save money on my business expenses?

Moneyback cards offer cashback or reward points every time you make a purchase. The reward points can be redeemed against hotel reservations or flight tickets to ensure big savings!

What are the benefits of using a moneyback credit card instead of a regular one for my business expenses?

Moneyback credit cards offer instant cashback to help you gain a small percentage back on business expenditures. However, regular credit cards only provide reward points, which can be challenging to redeem on your desired platform.

How do I choose the best moneyback credit card for my business needs?

The best moneyback credit card depends on your business expenses and the benefits. Focus on cards that provide a fee waiver and other lucrative offers upon a certain annual expenditure.

What features should I look for when selecting a moneyback credit card?

While selecting a moneyback credit card, look for the annual renewal fee and reward points or the cashback percentage against every transaction. Plus, look for complementary benefits like airport lounge access or discounts on hotel bookings.


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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Maximise Your Business Spending: Top Moneyback Credit Cards


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