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Lost Your PAN Card? Here’s How to Get a Duplicate PAN Card

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November 10, 2022


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Wondering what to do if your PAN card is lost? Are you thinking of ways to get a new PAN card when you misplace your original one? Losing or misplacing your PAN card differs from losing a banking debit or credit card, where someone can withdraw money from your bank account, because there are a few ways your PAN card can be misused if found by someone. 

In this blog, we take you through the process of obtaining a duplicate PAN card in case you lose one. 

What Happens if You Lose Your PAN Card?

1. Personal Information

If someone misuses your PAN data, they can access your bank account, phone number and address. They can also get your income details, insurance coverage, investments, and employer information, which might lead to more serious fraud.

2. Credit Score

Your PAN card information can also be used by someone to borrow in your name and put your credit records and finances at risk. Even with hard enquiries and no borrowing, your credit score can plummet. This can lead to financial losses and an impact on your borrowing ability.

3. Other Crimes

PAN card details are also required for buying and redeeming investments like physical gold. As per the income tax rules, you must furnish PAN details for any transaction above ₹2 lakhs on physical gold. Further, you can also be a victim of identity theft and make fraud contacts on your behalf asking for money. 

What to Do When You Lose Your PAN Card?

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station to prevent misuse of personal information.
  • Do not apply for a new PAN card to avoid losing previous financial transaction information. Go ahead and apply for a duplicate PAN Card. 

Process to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card

Apply for a duplicate PAN card by completing an online application on the TIN-NSDL website:

Step 1: Select Reprint of PAN card after googling "Duplicate PAN card apply online."

Step 2: Enter PAN, Aadhaar, and Date of Birth

Step 3: Your token number will be displayed and emailed to you

Step 4: Select ‘Continue with PAN Application Form’ and enter your data

Step 5: Choose between physical or digital submission and payment method

Step 6: Make a note of the acknowledgement number

If you choose the physical option, a duplicate PAN card will be mailed to your address.

Process to Download a Duplicate PAN Card

Here is the step-by-step process to download a duplicate PAN Card: 

Step 1: Go to the TIN-NSDL website and select ‘PAN - new facilities.’

Step 2: Provide the OTP sent to your mobile number and select ‘Validate.’

Step 3: Choose the ‘Download PDF’ option to get your e-PAN card

Step 4: If you don't remember your application acknowledgement number, you can download the e-PAN using your Aadhaar number.

Please note: The fee for reprinting the PAN card is ₹50, including taxes.

How Much Does a Duplicate PAN Card Cost?

The fee for applying for a duplicate PAN card from the UTIITSL website is ₹50, including delivery within India, and ₹959, including delivery outside India. The fee for reprinting the PAN card is ₹50, including taxes.


Losing your PAN card can be stressful, but taking action immediately is essential to prevent misuse of your personal information. First, file an FIR at the nearest police station. Then, get a duplicate PAN card online through the TIN-NSDL website. Remember to check CIC websites or your bank account for any unusual transactions. 

Digitise Your Documents with Digilocker 

DigiLocker is an initiative by the Indian government's Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) that allows users to digitise their documents and store them in a cloud-based server. Once an account is created, the documents on DigiLocker are considered original and can be used for ID verification in various official capacities. This is a convenient way to prevent the loss or misplacement of essential documents such as the PAN card. Read more about the DigiLocker here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I lose my PAN card?

  1. File an FIR at the nearest police station to report the loss.
  2. Do not apply for a new PAN card; instead, apply for a duplicate PAN card using the same PAN number to maintain your financial records.
  3. Complete the application process online through the TIN-NSDL website, providing the required details and choosing between a physical or an e-PAN card.

2. Can I track my PAN card if lost?

If you have lost your PAN card, you cannot directly track its location. However, you can track the status of your duplicate PAN card application online through the TIN-NSDL website using your token number or acknowledgement number.

3. Can we reprint the lost PAN card?

Yes, you can reprint a lost PAN card. Following the specified process, you can apply for a reprint of your PAN card online through the TIN-NSDL website or the UTIITSL website.

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Lost Your PAN Card? Here’s How to Get a Duplicate PAN Card


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