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How to Earn Cashback & Save With Your Credit Card

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July 26, 2023


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While credit cards are known for their reward points and loyalty programs, cashback credit card offers have also gained a lot of popularity lately for rewarding users with cashback on their activities.

How to use a Cashback Credit Card to its Fullest?

One of the many benefits of cashback credit card offers is the fact that you can avail offers across a multitude of categories like shopping, dining, travel, entertainment, and more. 

  1. Online purchases – You can receive cashback on purchases you make from various online shopping platforms, websites, etc.
  2. Dining – Many restaurants offer cashback on particular cash back cards when the customers dine in or order food.
  3. Retail outlets – You can use a cashback credit card at retail or merchant outlets to earn cashback on your purchases.
  4. Groceries – Many banks tie up with leading grocery stores to offer their customers cashback on select credit cards.
  5. Travel & Entertainment – You can also earn cashback by swiping this card to pay for your movie tickets, flight or hotel bookings, lounge access, and more. 
  6. Fuel purchase – Some cashback credit cards also offer cashback on fuel expenses.

While there are many competitive credit cards out there, you can check out the Fi-Federal Credit Card, which allows you to earn up to 5% every time you spend. Moreover, your rewards will evolve as per your spending habits! Cashback cards like these could be a win-win for customers that bank and shop on digital platforms. 

Points to Keep in Mind When Applying for  a Cashback Credit Card

If you have decided on getting  a cashback card, then here are a few things you must keep in mind before finalising one -

  1. Rewards – Remember to compare the top 4 or 5 cashback credit card India, from different providers based on your preferences, card reviews, benefits, etc. 
  2. Annual fee – If your credit card does charge an annual fee then it is best to weigh the fee against the cashback credit card offers and decide if it’s worth paying.
  3. Receiving cashback credit – Check if your credit card will be crediting the cashback to your card or an online wallet as users often have a capped amount of cashback that can be used from an online wallet.
  4. Transaction reversal/Returns – In some scenarios, like online shopping, flight booking, etc., customers end up returning an item or cancelling their booking. Under such circumstances, cashback may be refunded back to your card, but this is different for each credit card issuer. Hence, it is best to check in with your credit card issuer’s policies. 


Any cardholder who learns to manage their credit card responsibly and use it smartly can start saving money in no time. Cashback cards are fairly versatile and allow its user to earn rewards on a wide variety of transactions every month, like the Fi Federal credit card. 

If you're looking for a credit card that gives you the best bang for your buck, the Fi-Federal co-branded credit card is what you need. With this card, you're assured of a 2% valueback through rewards. But that's not all, as you'll also get 5x on your top 3 brands, 2x on all partner brands listed in the Fi Catalogue (including Amazon, Netflix, etc.) and 1x on everything else, including rent and fuel. What's unique is that you earn points through Fi-Coins. For travellers, the perks are even better, as you can convert your Fi-Coins to airline miles or cashback.

Frequently asked questions 

1. How is cashback received on a credit card?

Cashback credit card offers allow users to earn a certain amount of cashback from the amount they have spent in a particular transaction. Different credit cards offer a certain percentage of cash back for every eligible transaction that a user makes in specific categories. 

2. What is the best way to use a cashback credit card?

To maximise cashback credit card offers, use your card for regular expenses and big purchases, pay your bills on time to avoid interest, and consider redeeming cashback for statement credits or gift cards.

3. What does it mean when a credit card gives you cashback?

Cashback cards offer a certain percentage of the amount spent by the user as cashback. The cardholder earns this amount on eligible purchases or transactions that are done in a stipulated time frame. 

4. Can using a credit card save you money?

You can easily earn back a portion of your bill i.e., spends, by utilising cashback rewards. Moreover, you can also make the most of travel rewards, other discounts, coupons, etc., that credit cards offer as add-on benefits.

5. How much can we save with a credit card?

While most card companies cap the amount of cashback you can earn monthly, it is still substantial. The amount of money you can save depends on your spending habits, the reward structure of your card and additional offers that the bank declares.


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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How to Earn Cashback & Save With Your Credit Card


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