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How to Download a GST Certificate Online?

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May 9, 2023


What’s Inside

Those who have a GST registration certificate are expected to publicly display the GST certificate at their place of business. In this blog, we explore the steps to download a GST certificate online. 

Steps To Download a GST Certificate Online

You should have your GST account in order to access the certificate. Once you get your GST account details, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the GST India website

Step 2: To access the password and username screen, click the 'Login' button.

Step 3: In the required field, enter the right 'Password' and 'Username', as well as the captcha, and click 'Login'.

Step 4: Navigate to Services -> User Services -> Certificate can be viewed or downloaded.

Step 5: To get the certificate, click the 'download' option on the screen. The certificate contains all details about the tax transactions.

Validity Period For a GST Registration Certificate

GST certificates of regular taxpayers have no expiry date. As a result, as long as the GST registration is not terminated or surrendered by the GST authorities, it will stay valid.

Though, the validity of GST registration of non-resident taxable persons is limited to 90 days. The taxpayer can either renew the validity of the GST certificate or prolong it when it expires.

Amending Your GST Registration Certificate

If any detail on the GST certificate is incorrect, the individual can edit the core field on the GST website. Before a new amended GST certificate can be downloaded, tax officials must authorise any modifications to the core field. 

A GST certificate contains the following key fields:

  • Principal place of business
  • Any change in the trade/legal name of the business, not involving a change in PAN
  • Deletion/addition of Karta/Partners/Members of Managing Committee of Associations /Managing Directors/Chief Executive officer/Board of Trustees or equivalent etc.
  • Additional Place of Business

The following steps can be used to initiate a change to the core fields on your GST certificate:

Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal.

Step 2: Enter valid credentials into the GST website.

Step 3: Click Registration > Modification. Changes have to be made in any of the essential fields.

Step 4: Select the Verification checkbox on the Verification tab.

Step 5: Select the authorised signatory from the Name of Authorised Signatory drop-down list.

Step 6: Enter the location's name in the Place field.

Step 7: After finishing, you may digitally sign it with an E-Signature/Digital Signature Certificate. 


Downloading the GST certificate online is simple, requiring access to the GST account and following the provided steps. The validity period of the certificate varies for regular taxpayers and non-resident taxable persons. In case of any errors or changes needed on the GST certificate, the core fields can be amended through the GST website with authorisation from tax officials. Ensuring the accuracy of the GST certificate is important for maintaining compliance with GST regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download my GST certificate?

  1. Navigate to the GST India website.
  2. Enter valid credentials into the GST Portal.
  3. Click the View/Download Certificates command under Services > User Services.
  4. The Registration certificate is available for download in PDF format.

2. How do I check my GST certificate registration?

Go to the GST portal. Click on the 'Search taxpayer' option, followed by 'Search by PAN'. The list of GST registrations under the PAN, together with the status of their registration and the state, will be presented.


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How to Download a GST Certificate Online?


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