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How to Block Lost/Stolen Credit Card?

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September 6, 2023


What’s Inside

With the swipe-n-pay privileges of a credit card, you need not worry about carrying large wads of cash. While credit cards come with multi-layer protection systems to prevent unauthorised transactions, even the best ones can fall prey to fraud when lost, stolen, or compromised.

Since knowing how to block a credit card can avoid its misuse, in this blog we cover how to block a credit card payment if you've lost the card or noticed fraudulent transactions.

5 Ways of Blocking Your Credit Card

Here’s how to block a credit card transaction on your stolen card:

1. Call the Customer Care Helpline

You can call the 24x7 customer care number on your lender's website. Once the customer care executive has verified your identity, your card will be blocked immediately and a replacement issued.

2. Send an SMS

To avail of the SMS card blocking service facility, you must use your registered phone number to send an SMS to your lender’s dedicated number with a pre-given code sequence.

3. Use the Mobile App

Open the bank or lender's app and head to the 'credit cards' section. Select the stolen/misplaced card and click 'Controls', followed by the 'Block and Replace the Card' option. These steps may vary depending on the app's structure.

4. Log into the Netbanking Portal

To block your credit card via net banking, you must first log into your net banking account with your customer ID and password. Next, go to the 'credit card' section, where you will find the 'block the credit card' option.

5. Visit the Closest Branch Office

There's an alternative for those wondering how to block a credit card payment on a misplaced card without an internet connection. You can visit the closest bank branch/lender office to submit an application requesting card blockage.

Tips on Preventing Unauthorised Credit Card Use

Learning how to block a credit card transaction when your card is stolen is essential, but so is ensuring general credit card safety. To this end, here are a few handy tips you can use to prevent unauthorised transactions on your credit card:

  • Refrain from sharing your credit card PIN details.
  • Ensure that you don't save credit card-related information on online browsers.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi networks or PCs while completing online transactions with your credit card.
  • Install good antivirus software on your laptop or PC to prevent malware attacks.
  • Use secured websites to make online transactions.
  • Monitor your monthly statements carefully to check for any unauthorised transactions.
  • Choose a PIN that can't be easily guessed, and frequently change your PIN.
  • Refrain from using the same PIN for all your cards.

Wrapping It Up

So that's how to block your credit card if you notice fraudulent transactions on the card or it is stolen. Immediately blocking your card helps prevent its misuse. However, you can temporarily block it if you think it's misplaced. You can always unblock a temporarily blocked card via SMS, net banking, or the customer care hotline.

Make Security Rewarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I temporarily block and unblock my credit card for added security?

Yes. You can temporarily block your card if you've misplaced it, but don't think it's stolen. This saves you the hassle of having the card reissued once you find it.

2. What steps should I take if I notice suspicious activity on my credit card account?

If you notice suspicious activity, you should immediately report the same to your lender and block the card.

3. Can I block my credit card through online banking or a mobile app?

Yes. You can log into your net banking account or mobile banking app to easily block your credit card.

4. Is there a specific hotline or customer service number to call for blocking credit cards?

Yes. All lenders have a dedicated 24x7 customer service number customers can call to request credit card-related services, including card blocking. This lender-specific number is usually listed on their website.

5. How quickly is my credit card blocked once I request it?

Once you place your credit card blocking request, your card is blocked immediately. 

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