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How Can I file a “Nil” Form GSTR- 3B return?

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May 15, 2023


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Filing tax returns can be daunting & may lead to massive migraines if not done right. But what if you have no tax liability to report? In such cases, filing a “Nil” form GSTR- 3B return becomes essential. This blog will provide a step-by-step guide and valuable insights on how to file a Nil GST return.

How to file GST nil return?

Following are the step to GST nil return filing:

Step 1: Open the GST Portal and select the GSTR- 3B return.

Step 2: Select Nil Return of GSTR- 3B A list of questions (A-G) displayed on the screen. Select ‘YES’ on the question you want to file Nil return?’ And then click on ‘NEXT’.

Step 3: A preview page will be opened where you can confirm through a declaration, and the form will be displayed without any numbers. Click on ‘PREVIEW DRAFT GSTR- 3B’. All the entries will be zero in the form. Read the declaration and tick on the checkbox.

Step 4: Select from DSC or EVC to proceed to file and select the authorised signatory from the drop-down list. The entrees in the list will be entered at registration on the GST portal.

EVC is Electronic Verification Code where an OTP is sent to the registered mobile number or email id. And filling with DSC means the form needs to be signed with the digital signature of the authorised signatory.

Step 5: Submit the Nil GSTR- 3B return, and you shall see a warning on the screen to confirm if the return is to be filed. Then click on ‘PROCEED’. If the option to file with DSC were selected in the previous step, a list of available certificates would appear; you have to choose the appropriate certification and click ‘Sign’.

If you selected to file with EVC in the step above, you have to enter the code sent to the registered mobile number or email id and then click ‘VERIFY’. Then, you shall receive a confirmation SMS displaying the successful filing of GSTR- 3B, and you may download the filed return for the record.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can we file nil returns in GST?

Nil returns can be filed in GST indefinitely as long as there are no taxable transactions to report; there is no such limit for filing nil returns.

2. How to file a nil GST return online?

To file a nil GST return online, log in to the GST portal, select the GSTR- 3B form, enter the required details and submit the return by selecting “Nil” as the tax liability.


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How Can I file a “Nil” Form GSTR- 3B return?


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