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Guide on How to login to Government GST Portal India

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May 9, 2023


What’s Inside

If you’re required to comply with GST regulations, then you will need a GST portal using a login ID and password to access the site. Introduced on July 1, 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) replaced the previous system of multiple indirect taxes such as excise duty, service tax, and value-added tax (VAT) levied on the supply of goods and services in India.

What are the services offered on the GST portal?

The GST portal is a one-stop platform for a variety of GST-related services. Here’s a brief list of some of them available -

  • Applying for GST registration for eligible businesses
  • Cancelling an existing GST registration
  • Making GST payments online and filing GST returns
  • Tracking application and payment status
  • Claiming refunds in case excess GST has been paid
  • Joining or dropping out of the Composition Scheme
  • Viewing the applicable GST laws and regulations
  • Downloading relevant forms
  • Submitting an LoU (Letter of Undertaking)
  • Accessing the e-invoice system
  • Creating challans
  • Accessing the E-Way Bill portal
  • Checking the latest government notices and advisories issued
  • Finding and contacting a GST practitioner for a consultation
  • Lodging GST-related grievances or contacting the support team

Registering on the GST portal?

Getting a GST portal login ID is a mandatory prerequisite to be able to benefit from the various services the site offers. You can do this by following these simple steps:-

  • Visit the GST registration page
  • Choose the option for ‘New Registration”

(If you already have a Temporary Reference Number (TRN), then choose this option)

  • Enter the basic details like the tax status of your entity, legal name of the business, PAN, email address, and mobile number
  • Verify both the OTP numbers received on your email and mobile to proceed further
  • A 15-digit Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be generated
  • Go back to the registration page, select the TRN option, and enter the recently received TRN
  • Verify the OTP and upload KYC documents for verification such as identity and address proofs
  • Submit your application

Once your application is processed and details verified, your GST Identification Number (GSTIN) will be shared with you along with a GST portal login ID and password.

How to log in to the GST portal?

Now that you have your GST portal login ID and password, you can easily access the portal and the services it offers. Since this is the first time you will be logging in, you will need to follow these steps:-

  • Visit the GST portal’s new login page
  • Enter your Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN and the password received in your email
  • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Login”
  • Upon verification, you will see a screen asking you to change your username and reset your password
  • You can now log in using your GST portal login ID and password
  • This being your first official GST portal login, you will see a message on the screen asking you to enter your bank account details by clicking on the ‘file Amendment’ button on the screen
  • Select the ‘Bank Account’ option, click on ‘Add New’, and submit the application

Thereafter, and for those who have already completed these steps earlier, you can visit the GST portal login page by simply entering your username and password.


Upon successfully logging in to such portals, you will be taken to your account dashboard, which displays will summarise summary of all your GST-related transactions, returns filed, and other profile details. You can also access all the other GST-related services applicable to your business through the home page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the various services available on the GST portal?

The GST portal offers a host of services such as new registration, cancelling existing registration, creating e-invoices and e-challans, filing GST returns, claiming refunds, tracking application and payment status, downloading forms, checking circulars, lodging grievances, contacting a GST practitioner, and reaching out to the GST support team.

2. Can I login to the GST portal using TRN?

TRN is a 15-digit Temporary Reference Number generated when you apply for a GST portal login ID. The TRN is then used to re-login to the GST portal to complete the application process. Once completed, a temporary username and password will be shared with you via email that you can reset. Thereafter, you can use your set GST portal login ID and password to access the portal.


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Guide on How to login to Government GST Portal India


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