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EPF Calculator: Calculate Your Employee Provident Fund Contributions

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August 10, 2023


What’s Inside

The PF is a retirement fund built from both your and your employer's contributions throughout your career. Upon retirement, you can withdraw a lump sum of the EPF, plus interest earned. To calculate your PF on salary, you can use the EPF calculator for a quick estimate of your retirement savings.

How to calculate PF on salary?

For starters, to do PF calculation on salary, you will need to have your basic salary component, dearness allowance (DA), current EPF balance (if applicable), employment duration and existing EPF rate of interest.

  • PF Contribution of Employee:

12% of the employee's salary—basic plus dearness allowance—goes towards the employer. If the salary of an employee is ₹20,000, for instance, the employee's contribution towards PF would be ₹2,400.

  • PF Contribution of Employer:

The employer's payment is split into two parts, and according to the above example, it will come up to — ₹734 (3.67% of ₹20,000) deposited to the employee's fund and ₹1,666 (8.33% of ₹20,000) added to the Employee Pension Scheme.

  • Calculation of interest:

At the specified interest rate (for example, 8.1% p.a.), interest is calculated on the aggregate contribution (employee + employer). For instance, the interest payment will be around ₹21.15 if the total contribution is ₹3,134. Future interest calculations will also take into account the current EPF balance.

Calculating PF on Salary with online EPF Calculator

Why do manual PF calculations when it's easier to use an online PF calculator? Learn how to calculate PF on salary and follow these three steps to find out your retirement corpus.

  • Step 1: Once you open the EPF calculator online, enter your present and approximate retirement age, current drawn salary and expected year-on-year growth in salary.
  • Step 2: If you have any existing EPF balance in your EPF account then enter that amount as well.
  • Step 3: The EPF calculator considers your applicable rate of interest and shows the total retirement corpus instantly.

If you want to calculate your Provident Fund (PF) based on your salary, Fi Money's online EPF calculator can give you an edge.

With this tool, you can enjoy several advantages, such as reliable results, automated calculations, preparation for various retirement ages, automatic updates on interest rates, and flexibility. Additionally, this free online tool helps you make further contributions and keeps you informed of any regulatory changes.


The Provident Fund calculator helps you prepare for retirement by considering variables like interest rates and supplementary contributions. For optimal take-home pay, open a salary account with Fi Money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Employee Provident Fund (EPF) calculator?

The EPF calculator is a tool that helps employees understand how pf is calculated on their salary and plan for retirement savings.

2. How does the EPF calculator work?

To be able to calculate EPF contributions effectively, employees simply need to input standard details like their EPF contribution rate, basic salary and monthly break-up, in the calculator.

3. Can the EPF calculator be used to calculate both employee and employer contributions to the EPF account?

Certainly, the EPF calculator can compute contributions from the employer as well as the employee, towards the employee’s PF account.

4. Are there different types of EPF calculators available?

Various calculators can perform online PF calculations for salaries, each tailored to specific scenarios and varying based on interest calculation formulae, contribution rates, time frames, and other features such as tax considerations and estimation of employees' future savings.

5. Is the EPF calculator a reliable tool for long-term financial planning and growth monitoring?

Yes, apart from PF calculation on salary, the EPF calculator is a highly reliable tool that can provide employees with valuable insights into their retirement benefits and future savings.


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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EPF Calculator: Calculate Your Employee Provident Fund Contributions


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