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Digilocker Online: Streamlining Access to Your Documents

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April 5, 2023


What’s Inside

DigiLocker is a digital platform supported by the government that allows citizens to securely store and access key documents online. You can store many types of documents, including Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving licence, vehicle registration certificate (RC), passport copy, academic certificates, and more.

How To Avail DigiLocker Services

To register for DigiLocker, you need a valid Aadhaar Card and a linked mobile number registered in India. Sign up on the DigiLocker website or app by entering basic information and validating your Aadhaar details. Create a username and password for future login.

Access your documents through the dashboard with four main sections: Issued Documents, Uploaded Documents, Shared Documents, and Activity. DigiLocker promotes paperless governance and offers easy access to important documents for eligible citizens.

How to Access Your Documents on DigiLocker

You can access your documents easily with DigiLocker. The dashboard is the default screen, where you can visit these sections:

  • Issued Documents: a list of links to certificates issued by government departments that are integrated with DigiLocker.
  • Uploaded Documents: a list of documents you uploaded to your DigiLocker account, which you can conveniently share with others.
  • Shared Documents: a list of uploaded documents you shared, with tracking to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • Activity: a record of all the documents you uploaded, deleted, downloaded, and shared, including timestamps.

To Conclude

DigiLocker provides several benefits in one place. It promotes paperless governance and offers easy access to important documents for eligible citizens. This reduces the need for physical storage, eliminates the risk of lost or damaged documents, and makes verification and sharing more reliable and efficient. With an ever-increasing expansion of digitisation efforts in India, many more public services are expected to come under its gamut, thus providing you access to fast and efficient services at your fingertips. You can minimize and even eliminate unnecessary paperwork with Fi Money. Through our app, you can open a fully digital bank account, avail of instant loans, invest in mutual funds and more with little to no cumbersome documentation involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any limitations to using DigiLocker?

While DigiLocker offers a safe way to store your important documents online and conveniently access them from any device, it is important to note that, presently, this cloud-based service is only available to people holding a valid Aadhaar Card.

Furthermore, you need to have an active mobile number and email id to be able to register and log in to the tool. This mobile number needs to be registered in India, thus rendering the services unusable to NRIs, unless they have an active India-registered mobile to receive authentication OTP.

2. How does DigiLocker compare to other digital document storage options?

Although there are several cloud-based digital document storage options available to you. Being a government-backed tool, you can enjoy some additional benefits by using DigiLocker online. Many government agencies and other financial institutions have started integrating their services with the tool. This means, your documents can be seamlessly accessed and verified while applying for loans, opening accounts, paying traffic challans, applying for scholarships, etc. The use cases are continuously increasing and a larger number of services are getting included under this umbrella.

3. What kind of customer support does DigiLocker offer?

DigiLocker offers customer support through a variety of modes.

  • The online FAQs section on the site has quick solutions to some of the most common queries asked by users.
  • Then, there is the Resources section which has step-by-step walkthroughs, brochures, and videos to aid you in using the service.
  • You can also contact their support team via their official email address: support@digitallocker.gov.in.


Fi Money is not a bank; it offers banking services through licensed partners and investment services through epiFi Wealth Pvt. Ltd. and its partners. This post is for information only and is not professional financial advice.
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Digilocker Online: Streamlining Access to Your Documents


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