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8 Tips on Budgeting for International Holiday

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January 4, 2022


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Travelling abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a costly one. If you want to enjoy your international holiday without breaking the bank, you need to plan ahead and budget for the holiday wisely. 

Eight Tips on How to Budget for a Holiday

1. Choose your destination carefully

Some countries are more expensive than others, depending on factors such as the exchange rate, the cost of living, and the season. Do some research and compare the prices of different destinations that interest you. 

2. Book your flights early and smartly

Flights are often the biggest expense of your holiday, so it pays to book them as early as possible to get the best deals. 

3. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is not a luxury, but a necessity. It can protect you from unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, lost luggage, flight cancellations, or theft. You never know what might happen when you are abroad, and you do not want to come home with a huge debt or regret. There are plenty of affordable options available for travel insurance, depending on your destination, duration, and activities. 

4. Find deals on accommodation

Accommodation is another major expense of your holiday, but there are ways to save money on it. 

5. Eat and drink like a local

Food and drinks can add up quickly if you eat out at touristy places or order expensive items. To save money and enjoy the local cuisine, try eating and drinking like a local. Avoid drinking bottled water or alcohol in places where they are overpriced or unsafe.

6. Plan your activities and tours wisely

Activities and tours can enhance your holiday experience, but they can also be pricey if you book them impulsively or through intermediaries. To save money and avoid scams, plan your activities and tours ahead of time and book them directly with the providers or through reputable websites.

7. Use public transportation or walk

Transportation is another expense that can vary depending on your destination and mode of travel. To save money and explore your destination more intimately, use public transportation or walk whenever possible. Public transportation is usually cheaper and more convenient than taxis or car rentals in most places. Walking is not only free but also healthy and fun. 

8. Set aside some money for emergencies and splurges

No matter how well you plan and budget for your holiday, there might be some unexpected expenses or temptations that arise along the way. To avoid stress and disappointment, set aside some money for emergencies and splurges in your budget. Emergencies could include losing your wallet, missing your flight, or getting sick. Splurges could include buying souvenirs, tipping generously, or treating yourself to something special. A good rule of thumb is to allocate 10% to 20% of your total budget for these items.


Travelling abroad can be a wonderful way to experience new cultures, places, and people, but it can also be a costly endeavour which makes having a budget for a holiday all the way more necessary. To make the most of your international holiday without spending too much money, you need to know how to save for a holiday on a budget. By following these 8 tips you can have a memorable and enjoyable trip with a good budget for a holiday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good budget for an international trip?

A good budget for an international trip can vary widely, but a rough estimate could be $1000 to $3000 per person for a week, depending on the destination and travel style.

2. How do you budget for a vacation?

To budget for a vacation, outline expenses like flights, accommodation, meals, activities, and souvenirs. Allocate funds to each category, research deals, and set aside a buffer for unforeseen costs.

3. Which country is best to visit under 2 lakh?

Several countries are great options for a trip under 2 lakh rupees from India, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, and Vietnam.

4. What is the cost of a world tour from India?

The cost of a world tour from India can vary significantly based on destinations, duration, and travel style. On average, it could range from 10 to 30 lakh rupees or more.


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8 Tips on Budgeting for International Holiday


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