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A Comprehensive Guide for the Best Ways to Invest in Gold

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April 21, 2023


What’s Inside

Looking for a different investment avenue rather than stocks? You can try gold, as it's among the most valuable metals in the world. Many people purchase gold and sell it at a greater rate per market conditions. It's a popular long-term investment option.

If you're thinking "How can I invest in gold?" you'll find different options. Physical gold, gold mining stocks or gold ETFS – you can take your pick.

Find out the best gold investment options in India in this article. Let's get going!

Physical Gold

Most Indians consider the best gold investment strategy to be physical gold. You might already have golden jewellery at home. This investment-grade gold is available in coins, bars and ingots.

Gold's market price at present is INR 60,630/10 grams for 24 Carats! If you've bought gold previously, you can select now for great returns. However, your profits will depend on the commodity pricing.

Contacting the nearest bank or gold investment provider can help you get started with this.

Ensure that you purchase gold from reputed banks, brokers or jewellery houses. Also, keep the gold safe in the bank or in a home locker.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs)

Gold ETFs are financial instruments representing a gold asset and tracking the commodity. These funds can accommodate different types of gold-backed assets. Further, these ETFs mimic physical gold's price movements on the market, and their underlying asset determines the ultimate value.

This can be an excellent option if you don't want to purchase physical gold. Plus, these ETFs are easily exchangeable for liquid cash at the current market price. It allows you to trade the funds like stock and earn fantastic profits.

You just have to contact an online broker and open a de–mat account to start trading in Gold ETFs.

Digital Gold

If you're tech-savvy and prefer online investments, digital gold might be a good choice. Many online Fintech platforms enable you to invest in digital gold by paying INR 1 or 100.

Digital gold is an actual representation of physical gold. So, you can sell digital gold according to the market prices that suit you. You get two options - redeem the return value or get physical gold of the value.

That's why selecting a reliable online platform connected to reputed gold manufacturers is crucial. This way, you'll have no problems while dealing with digital gold.

Gold Mining Stocks

These mining stocks are among the best way to invest in gold to receive excellent returns. This method is usually recommended to seasoned investors who understand the market well.

Gold mining companies own these stocks and let you invest securely. So, if a mining organisation mines a substantial amount of gold, its stock prices will shoot up. It will allow you to gain significant ROI if you invest, keeping the market price in mind.

In addition, gold mining stocks maintain profitability during certain market fluctuations. They also provide dividends, which is not possible for gold ETFs and physical gold.

Summing Up

If you're intrigued by the idea of buying gold as investment, don't rush. Always compare the options discussed and invest in the best option. Remember that during stock market prices, gold investments can be the saviour.

So, research extensively before selecting an option.

If you're searching for a seamless investment app, check out Fi Money. The app has a long-term, short-term, smart deposit, fixed deposit and other exciting options for secure investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Different Ways to Invest in Gold?

The different ways to invest in gold include physical gold, gold mining stocks and gold ETFs.

2. What are the Benefits of Investing in Gold?

The benefits of investing in gold are stable returns, portfolio diversification and liquidity.

3. Are There Any Risks Associated with Investing in Gold?

Gold investment risks include theft of physical gold and market volatility.

4. How Much of My Portfolio Should I Allocate to Gold?

It's recommended that you don't allocate more than 10% of your portfolio to gold investments.


Investment and securities are subject to market risks. Please read all the related documents carefully before investing. The contents of this article are for informational purposes only, and not to be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell securities, mutual funds, or any other financial products.
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A Comprehensive Guide for the Best Ways to Invest in Gold


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