Instant Salary Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions, as amended from time to time, govern the access and use of the ‘Instant Salary’ service accessible through the Platform (“Instant Salary Terms”). Please read these Instant Terms carefully before availing Instant Salary through the Platform. By using and continuing to use Instant Salary, you agree that you have read, understood, acknowledged, and accepted the Instant Salary Terms. You also agree that the Instant Salary Terms are in addition and not in derogation to the Fi Money Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (“Platform Terms”). All terms capitalised herein and not defined shall have the same meaning as ascribed to them in the Platform Terms.

  1. For the purpose of these Instant Salary Terms, wherever the context so requires, the term:

    "Services" means the Instant Salary feature available on the Platform made accessible in partnership with Epifi's RE Partner (defined hereinafter), where the user/you can avail of a line of credit from the RE Partner through the Platform.

    "RE Partner" shall mean the regulated entity which is authorised to provide a credit line to you/ the user upon request through the Platform (includes but is not limited to NDX P2P Private Limited ("Liquiloans"), which provides the credit line through a peer to peer ("P2P") lending platform.)

    All capitalised terms used in these Instant Salary Terms and not defined herein shall have the same meaning as prescribed in the Platform Terms and/or Facility Agreement (as defined hereinafter).

    1. The Services shall be available to you after you avail of the Fi Salary Program and at least one (1) month has elapsed post the activation of your Fi Salary Program.

    1. You undertake that you understand that you are eligible to avail of Instant Salary till such time as you remain in the salary plan under Fi Plans (“Salary Program”), subject always to other eligibility criteria that may be prescribed as per RE Partner’s policies. In the event (i) you wish to close your Account in which your Available Facility Amount is credited and from which your repayment is debited (“Account”) or are downgraded from the Salary Plan, or (i) your Account is suspended for any reason whatsoever, then the Services stand terminated immediately without notice, and neither Epifi, its group companies, the RE Partner or its agents, affiliates, employees, directors or representatives, shall be liable for any loss incurred by you, whether direct or indirect, as a result of such termination of Services. You further agree that in the event of such termination where there remain outstanding dues to be paid by you in respect of the Service, the RE Partner and/or its outsourced service provider shall have the right to collect the same through any means that they may deem fit in accordance with applicable laws.

  2. Scope & Obligations
    1. When you avail of the Service, you will be sanctioned a line of credit by our RE Partner up to a fixed amount, as determined by the RE Partner in its sole discretion. The final decision to provide the credit is at the sole discretion of the RE Partner. You understand that in the event the RE Partner is Liquiloans, the credit line would be provided through Liquiloan’s P2P network by an individual lender.
    2. You further understand that Epifi is only a Platform that enables you to avail of the Service and is not and does not represent to be a lender in its own capacity. As stipulated by the RE Partner, the terms and conditions shall always govern the credit line availed by you.
    3. You understand that the Service provided by Epifi shall be in accordance with its and the RE Partner’s internal processes and policies, which shall include risk underwriting. Epifi and the RE Partner reserve the right at its sole discretion to deny/restrict/terminate/suspend the provision of Service to you for any reason. You shall not hold Epifi liable for any losses, lost profits, loss of goodwill or opportunity, or special, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.
    4. You understand and agree to the terms and conditions and loan agreement (“Facility Agreement”) of the RE Partner which includes Key Fact Statement (“KFS”).
    5. By availing of the Service, you agree to provide information as requested by the Epifi and/or RE Partner in order to provide you with the Service and the Facility, including any information required for KYC purposes. You consent to and agree that in order to provide the Services and/or to enable you to access any other service on the Platform, Epifi may share your information with its group companies, affiliates, RE Partner and other third parties.
    6. The loan availed by you shall be repayable on the 5th day of the subsequent month if availed between the 5th to 25th of a month and the 5th of the month subsequent to the next if availed between the 25th to 5th, or any such date as intimated by Epifi and/or the RE Partner (“Due Date”), irrespective of the date on which the Service was availed.
    7. By availing of the Service, it is deemed that you have authorised the auto-debit of your Account towards the total outstanding amount. You agree to adjust and appropriate all such credit balances in your Account towards settling the balance outstanding from time to time in relation to the Service. However, you shall have the option (if available) to prepay the outstanding amount before the Due Date by choosing a self-pay option whereby you can pay the outstanding amount through the payment methods as available on the Platform. Any prepayment shall be subject to the terms and charges as provided in the Facility Agreement and the KFS.
    8. You understand, acknowledge and consent that charges as disclosed to you in the KFS, including one time charges, shall be borne by you towards the RE Partner. You further understand and consent that these charges may be deducted from the Available Facility Amount, and the net amount will be credited to your Account.
    9. You acknowledge that in the event your Account is not automatically debited due to insufficient funds in your Account and the repayment is not done within three (3) days of the Due Date; you shall be liable to pay charges as detailed in the Facility Agreement and/or KFS.
    10. You acknowledge that until the entire outstanding amount under the line of credit has been repaid by you, you shall not be able to avail of further loans under the Service.
    11. In addition to the above, you agree that on any default by you, the RE Partner reserves the right to disclose all or any data relating to you in relation to the Service, outstanding amounts under the line of credit, and the default committed by you and furnish the same to the relevant regulators, credit information companies, any other bank, financial institution or non-banking financial company, statutory authorities, collection agency and to any other agency under the contractual arrangements and to fulfil regulatory and statutory obligations.
    12. You hereby consent to be contacted by Epifi and/or its associates/subsidiaries/affiliates for important advices, services, operational alerts, collection activities and communications critical to the Service through all the communication channels, including but not limited to telephone, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
    13. You further authorise Epifi and/or its associates/subsidiaries/affiliates to verify any information at your office/residence and/or contact you and/or your family members and/or your employer/banker/credit bureau/ credit information companies/regulators and/or any third party as we deem necessary and/or to do any such acts as we deem necessary.
    14. You acknowledge and clearly understand that in case of termination of the Facility Agreement within the Cooling Off Period, as may be provided in the KFS or in any other case whatsoever, applicable taxes levied and paid by you shall not be refunded back to you or settled in any manner. All other charges (if any) paid by you towards the Facility shall be refunded back to your Account by the RE Partner.
    15. You understand and agree that RE Partner may retrieve/procure your KYC data during the journey through the Central KYC Registry in a manner as permitted under applicable law for the purposes of KYC due diligence. You hereby provide your consent for RE Partner to do so.

    Representations & Warranties
    1. You represent and warrant that you are above 18 years of age, of sound mind and a resident of India.
    2. You represent and warrant that all information provided by you is accurate and correct and capable of being relied on by Epifi and RE Partner (including their affiliates, group companies, service providers) without the need for any independent verification.
    3. You further represent, warrant and covenant that you shall not use the Facility Amount for purposes that are in violation of applicable law and/or public policy.

  3. Grievance Redressal

    1. You are encouraged to follow the grievance redressal escalation matrix provided below.
      Each issue raised will be assigned 5 levels of severity (Level 1, 2, etc). No issue can jump directly from Level 1 to Level 4!

    Level 1:
    1. Telephone
      Epifi customer care: 080-47485490.
    2. App
      You can message Epifi through the in-app chat feature.
    3. Email
      Reach Epifi at: and mention the ticket number in the subject line.
    4. Letter/Post
      In case you need to send Epifi your complaint in writing, our office is at:

      6TH FLOOR, PLOT NO.9, Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge Court,
      SURVERY NO.77, Doddanakundi, Bengaluru, Bengaluru Urban,
      Karnataka, 560048

      Epifi shall, on a best-effort basis, aim to resolve your issue within 10 days of receiving your complaint.

  4. Level 2:
    1. Escalations Desk: Reach out to
      Epifi shall on a best effort basis aim to resolve your issue within 5 days of receiving your complaint.

  5. Level 3:
    1. Contact our Head Customer Experience & Grievance Officer, Mr Saurabh S.
      You can reach the officer at:
      Once our officer gets the complaint, they shall on a best-effort basis, aim to resolve issues in 5 days.

  6. Level 4:
    1. For LiquiLoans
      You may reach out to Liquiloans through below channels:
      Nodal grievance redressal officer of LiquiLoans
      Shweta Jain, Chief Operating Officer
      Contact: +91-022-489-04685
      Email ID:
      Address: 1st Floor, B-104, "The Qube" C.T.S. No. 1498, A/2,M.V. Road, Hasan Pada Rd, Mittal Industrial Estate, Marol Andheri (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059
      Grievances portal: https:/ grievances-redressal-mechanism

  7. Level 5
    1. Please get in touch with the Banking Ombudsman. To approach the Integrated Ombudsman, go here.